1. claudetc:

    Between MCM and Thought Bubble I will be appearing at this here, which will be very small. That’s good though, cos I miss car boot sale level small shows.

  2. Lets sit in this lovely park and leave all our crap. What I never get is that they carried it here, but to much effort to find a bin. Times this worldwide. (at Hyde Park Serpentine Lake)


  4. Tracks - Page 5

    Here is an un – lettered/toned page from a comic i’m working on.

    I’m trying something in this comic, less of me carrying the story.

    This is why all the views of me are from behind. It’s hard work.

    Mostly I would be using head shots, talking heads to carry the narrative.

    This has become a repetition that needs to be halted. As this story develops,

    objects and landscape become stand – ins for me.


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  5. Tracks - Cover line work

    This is the first draft line work for a comic i’m working on. It’s following Rain On Glass. 

  6. Two page spread rough for new comic.

  7. Evening flower.

  8. Woof ! This is going to be the last sketchbook post for a while, comics need to be made :)

  9. Hunters and collectors - a quick splash of watercolour for lunch.

  10. Sketchbook page. Trying to capture a person.